Grigori Grabovoi Workshops, Number Codes, Organ & Cell Regeneration, using Consciousness Technologies


You can expect to discover:

√   Russian Creator Knowledge spiritual program and technologies that are simple to implement. 

√  Through the focus of your concentration over a few minutes you will tap into specific tools such as number codes or sacred geometry       shapes. This is achieve with your own consciousness where you will access the Creator Information Level.

√  These simple technologies allow you to train your consciousness to expand and access much more awareness, allowing you to tap into your intuition instead of running from your logical and rational thoughts.  You will begin to access higher realms of consciousness where your speed of regenerating, harmonising and creating with produce fast results. 

Your neural network will start to expand and you will begin turning up the light in you cells and DNA upgrading to a level where you will be able to regenerate damaged or even removed organs. Of course this all depends on your level of development and the amount how you implement these technologies into your life.

  Through this development in your consciousness, your life will feel more harmonious in all areas. You will be part of the collective that awakening the collective consciousness. What is even more magnificent is that through your personal harmonious development you will help restore harmony to our planet Earth and humanity!  

 √  To support your development you will be provided with grounded education approach and you will have access to extremely high standard of instruction supported with manuals, books, audio and video, materials. Basically you will have all you need to start your transformation process.

√ We have developed programs to suit all your learning needs and you will see all these options under the workshop or webinar areas. Our aim is to support you on your spiritual journey using Grigori Grabovoi's technologies, however we will do our level best to push you beyond your limitations.

 √  You will discover a new reality and way of BEING that will allow you to catapult from limiting choices and challenges to being a master of your life matrix. 

We can show you how to transcend your circumstances. You just need to be ready to sweep you limitations aside and the wonder of what could be possible in the next moment.



                     -  Soul Code 1-day workshop or as a Webinar Series 

                     -  Transformation 3-day workshop 

We have all sought tools to make extraordinary changes in our life that can transform and catapult us into a level of mastery. But what's more important is the ATTITUDE we adopt in applying these tools. ATTITUDE and BELIEF will determine your level of success with RCK.

"I had tried my fair share of modalities to help me with a particularly difficult seven year crises with my ex husband. I would feel better in the short term but my circumstances kept getting worse!When I contacted Brian and started the webinar I was less than a week away from a meeting that I was dreading. Things did not look good for me AT ALL. I thought all was lost. With Brian's gentle yet firm guidance I emerged myself in Russian Creator Knowledge, the Teachings of Grigori Grabovoi. To my utter surprise the results of that dreaded meeting and the circumstances around it began to change in less than one week of doing RCK!  Both my partner and I are in joyful shock at how quickly our external reality has begun to change just by working on my internal world. If you need help FAST I highly recommend RCK." -  Rea.T.H Canada

Transformation start Day 1. You will learn the Basic Principles of the technology. It gives you all the power and tools to make changes at a very deep level - especially important for any healing process. You will learn that everything is information, and that because this is a consciousness then technology you do not need any equipment. This is a life skill that you are taught to apply in an intelligent and inspiring way.

During Day 2 you will continue to practice with these experiential tools to reinforce the power to change your life and unlock you creativity. We will introduce Number Series, the language of light (of your soul and the Universe) to accelerate your ability to evolve beyond false beliefs of who you are and what is possible for you. You will do this without trying to analyse or fathom how to change your life to get what you want.

By Day 3 you will be poised to take back control of your life and change your density. You will be more confident, and re-awakening the creative powers which tap potential in all areas of your life- health, prosperity, your contribution, etc.,

You will learn: how to regulate your spine and transform painful impairment: to regenerate diseased organs and teeth; and much more.  The Transformation program encourages all participants not only to embark on a journey into Soul Consciousness and Quantum Healing, but also to provide a framework for ongoing practical application, integration and support.

Our training program is designed to ensure that all participants enjoy a relaxed and informative learning experience during the 3-day practical workshop. Starting at 10am -5.30pm the workshop is held at our training facility in Lower Plenty.

After the workshop you have access to our support team which aids in your practical application of the Russian Knowledge into everyday life. We have weekly RCK Study Groups in our Melbourne training centre and global online participants.



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 Grigori Grabovoi's workshops including Number Codes for Transformation, Organ and Cell Regeneration, Manifestation, Healing, and Intuitive Abilities