Grigori Grabovoi Workshops, Number Codes, Organ & Cell Regeneration, using Consciousness Technologies

JELENA - Australia

I am happy to share with everyone who may be interested in healing and application of the technologies of Grigori Grabovoi, that I regenerated my surgically removed ovaries just by thinking.  Spend some time each day focusing on the organ, imagining it growing along the matrix lines, and FEELING it growing inside. At a certain point I just knew it was ‘done’. I stopped doing controls some time well before I had the scan. So, you are right, it was completed much earlier.The funny thing was that my tonsil was also regenerated. 

LYNNE - Australia

I'm over the moon. After working with Dr Grigori Grabovoi consciousness tools for 2 years I experienced consistent improvements in that time. I'm delighted to report that I've just paid my respiratory doctor for the last time!! My results show my lungs are normal and he said I don't need to see him again! I had Bronchiectisis since I was born. It's taken me a couple of years and persistence and intention to create new lungs in my consciousness and for them to manifest in my physical reality. No one has to suffer from any physical ailment. There is another way if you're ready to take responsibility for your health and don't give your power to anyone else. Celebrating with a coffee and carrot cake at hospital cafe!  Very grateful and thankful for finding the work that changed my life. If I hadn't found Grabovoi I would probably be dead by now. My body couldnt cope with the toxic drugs I was given for months at a time. The chronic headaches I suffered that needed daily morphine. Then the drugs affected my heart and gave me arrhythmia so more drugs. Then the bones were at serious risk of fracture if I fell thanks to the steroids. I left hospital at 105kg and my hair falling out thanks to the treatment! Now I'm not on any drugs. My heart is perfect. I have the bones of a 26yo according to last bone density test. When I hear people talk of their health conditions and see how theyre stuck in the system it makes me sad and angry. But today Im happy and ecstatic! If you want to make a change in your health just message me.

 A BIG thank you Marion and Brian I loved redoing the Transformation seminar for the 3rd time, the learning just keeps getting deeper. Attending your course 2 years ago changed my life and I'm profoundly grateful. It's not only changed my physical health, it's changed me emotionally and mentally  Everything is possible, they are not just words but the mantra I live my life by now. 

VANDANA - United Kingdom   

I am just getting myself up to speed after the Thailand retreat in Feb. I joined the retreat to practice controls. I did not know what fabulous experiences were awaiting us all. The accommodation was very good located in a lovely setting away from town and close to elephants sanctuary were we went visiting.
The learning was profound and effortless at the same time. Our hearts were releasing old patterns and opening in an atmosphere of love and support. There was so much love and unity within the group that we all felt totally secure to be truly ourselves. The way of connecting to one's Soul was the most essential aspect of teaching for me. It is hard to describe how I and other members of the group felt. I came back home a different person. My friend who sees auras said my aura was huge. I actually felt lighter with some space around me and so happy. I hardly had a jet lag and still feel peacefully contented. You are amazing teachers. Brian you should know that the pain in my leg is completely gone. I do not know how to thank you for your gifts of organising such a splendid retreat and for teaching. But what I know is that I will be back next February if you will have me. With all my love and gratitude.

HEATHER - Australia

Thank you so much for an awesome 3 days. If you believe that you create your own realty and you want to make it as amazing as it possibly can be then this is the 3 Day seminar for you.  As the Russian's say "You must, You must".   A whole hearted thank you to Brian and Marion for their help and assistance on many different levels. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you.

WENDY - United Kingdom

It is now 2 weeks since I returned home from our beautiful Thailand retreat and I have had time to realise the true impact this has had on my daily life and visions for my life going forward. I just want to say a heart felt thank you.
I heard the call to meet with soulmates and really wasn't sure how I was going to pay for the adventure but my heart said yes, and the finance seemed immaterial. I was not disappointed! One of my objectives was to allow the RCK knowledge to drop more deeply into my consciousness and even though this is hard to describe, this has happened. Your guidance to connect to ourselves more consciously has put a valuable new daily structure into my day and I, in turn, feel called to honour this connection in a way I have never done before. This retreat has had a massive and beautiful impact on my life and now I can only go forward more consciously and empowered to live life in alignment with my true purpose.
I loved Thailand, the venue was absolutely perfect and the company, well I have a new family spread around the world but connected by so much love and light and whilst it was so hard coming home, now I know the bonds are unbreakable. The programme hit just the right note for the group and allowed us to experience the true magic of connection, the intimacy of knowing one another as well as creating a beautiful and loving space for us to learn, experience, grow and release. Thank you. With so much love to you both.

MEGAN -Australia

Thank you so much for the transformative  teachings and elevating E=VS consciousness project. This has been all I have been asking for, an answered prayer, the most magnificent three days with you beautiful souls and expanded consciousness that has had the most profound uplifting.  I love this RCK, insightful and inspirational.  I feel incredibly blessed to have been introduced to my coming home to my Soul, by being in your presence. Words are not suffice to say how I feel, thank you.

LYNNE - Australia

Inspirational, thought provoking technologies!  I'm so grateful for how far I've come and its be repeating the seminar that I realise just how far that is. Marion you explain the information all so beautifully and you are a skill full presenter, with so much love. Brian you are fascinating to sit with and learn from. I'm so grateful that I found your website nearly 3 years ago, keep up the good work.

CHRISTINA - Australia

Words are hard to find for what we experienced in this Meet Play Love 7 day Retreat. I've never experienced such love and connection between a group before'. Thanks you Marion, Brian and Hannes for an incredible immersion into my heart."

SAYURI - Japan

I want to take the time out to thank you and Brian for the call two days ago. I have tried many things but never stuck with most. Russian Knowledge is the only one I have worked at everyday.You are correct that RK finds you ( at the right time too). For if it had come to me last year, I wouldn't have been attracted to it. I wasn't ' there' yet.  

ELIF - Sweden

Thank you Marion, you are such s contribution. I am more and more seeing the value of the number codes and are using them in my life. After the webinar I can sense that my psychic abilities, clairvoyance has developed and when I am doing the daily exercises I am blown away by what I am perceiving, the universe, consciousness so big and expansive, infinite.... I am looking forward to your next webinars and what else is truly possible? 

RCK. R.T.H Canada 

I had tried my fair share of modalities to help me with a particularly difficult seven year crises with my ex husband. I would feel better in the short term but my circumstances kept getting worse! When I contacted Brian and started the webinar I was less than a week away from a meeting that I was dreading. Things did not look good for me AT ALL. I thought all was lost. With Brian's gentle yet firm guidance I emerged myself in RCK. To my utter surprise the results of that dreaded meeting and the circumstances around it began to change in less than one week of doing RCK! Both my partner and I are in joyful shock at how quickly our external reality has begun to change just by working on my internal world. If you need help FAST I highly recommend

RAGU - Singapore

 I was bothered by neck & back pain for about 2 months when I came across the healing method using the number technology.I spent~ $5000  on mattress and pillows which promised to solve this issue for me,it did not help. Finally I used the number code for the problem,my pain disappeared within 15 mins and never came back. Thank you very much for sharing this incredible technology. God Bless you!!! - Rag                                  


The Russian Knowledge technique is astounding and I'm just at the beginning of the process.  I am so moved by the idea that "by improving myself, it improves the world."  So why not aim for robust health, joy, enlightenment? That's what I would wish for the world at the very least. Thank you for your work, appreciate y'all to pieces, Cecile.

DEBORAH - New Zealand

 I love this work - the way you guys teach it is brilliant - and I'm dragging my heels too.Decades ago I lost trust in myself when I pushed way past my  limits from using my will in  not good ways.. The results I'm getting are clear and grounding and am staying open to what happens as I practice.Having closed alot down years ago I feel full to the brim with the exercising of mental and consciousness muscles with these techniques and am grateful to you both for your guidance and experience.

MELISSA - Australia

 Thanks Marion and Brian for the wonderful information in the is fascinating and something I want to listen to over and over again to take it  all in and I find layers of  more understanding each is great....loving it!!! Warm wishes and hugs Melissa

FRANCESCA - Holistic Practitioner  

After a recently recent serious car accident, I'd like to thank you Marion and Brian for helping to stay anchored into realm and reality, you are both amazing Beings of Light and it's great to share the Journey.....after spending 10 min with Brian and Marion using these amazing tools I was again re-aligned having found the problem residing in the Etheric and Energy body....incredible and simple.

I love you both dearly..and my children love the fact that their mother is back completely.

Love, Light and Grace ♥

- Australia Thanks Marion and Brian for the wonderful information in the is fascinating and something I want to listen to over and over again to take it all in and I find layers of more understanding each is great....loving it!!! Warm wishes and hugs Melissa

BEVERLEY - Teacher

Hi Marion,

On the subject of my hair, it is growing beautifully and have so much new growth after I did the controls. The colour is much more like I had as a younger woman. It is so much thicker now.

One thing that happened whilst I was on holiday. We went for an amazing walk up a river gorge, in the river and I put my foot between two rocks and fell very badly into the water, I could feel/hear the fibres tearing in my lower back!

Well I thought, what an amazing place to do some controls on this, so as I very carefully walked I did just that and by the end of the walk which was about 10 kilometres, my back was fine. I was a bit bruised the next day but the truth was that I thought that I would; a) not be able to get up after the fall and b) have to go to the chiropractor when I got home today! But no, the controls worked a treat and I was able to enjoy the rest of the holiday in no pain.

Thanks for the controls on grey hair and welcome back to Melbourne.

- Be


Hello lovely people,

Here is a bit of an update from my side. End of May my sister-in-law's sister got the diagnosis that she had lung cancer (yet again). The doctor put huge pressure on her to start treatment immediately, but as she has been through that before (it nearly killed her last year, but she managed to survive) she knew absolutely that she did not want yet another chemotherapy. She instead told the doctor in very clear words that she was taking responsibility for her own healing and she would not hold anybody else accountable for her health anymore.

As I had the opportunity to help a bit in the past, she asked me to support her in the healing process. She does have some idea about the Russian knowledge herself as she picked up bits in Innsbruck and since end of May I had been working on her.

She went uphill from day 1 (literally as she could not do this at the time of the diagnosis) and on Thursday she had a checkup with the result that all the cancer markers have disappeared!!!!!

CHIZELLE - Personalised Mentoring Coach

I wanted to share a couple of wonderful stories with you :)

The first one, as some of you know I went on holiday to London to visit my best friend a few weeks ago. It's a very long flight home from London back to Melbourne so I made a control to have space around me on the plane on the way home, since I had forgotten to do this on the way there and had a less-than-perfect 24 hours on the way there. I got to the check-in desk at Heathrow airport and the very, very, very nice man upgraded me to Premium Economy at NO EXTRA charge! I think planes and flights may be my speciality ;)

The second thing is even more amazing and wonderful. My darling 6 year old daughter had a loose tooth that was stuck in her mouth due to the new tooth next to it growing out which had wedged it in. I was concerned with this as it was making it hard for her to brush her new tooth and was worried that she would get a cavity in her new tooth, I finally convinced her to let me pull out the loose tooth after about 6 weeks of it being stuck there and of course there was a hole in her new tooth!!! What a creation I made by even thinking of this!

So I did a control that afternoon and the next morning after she brushed her teeth and asked me to check they were brushed properly i took a look and the hole was gone. In under 24 hours!!!

IRENE - Pharmacist

My dear friends,

I want to share with you a nice story with happy end: A friend of a friend went to Tasmania for holidays; he caught malaria tropica and his kidneys stopped working. He was brought to an Austrian hospital for intensive care and I was asked to help.

The doctors said it will last for half a year to get stable health back. After three days of making controls he is in a very good state again and his kidneys work properly. He will be able to leave the hospital in one week. YEAH

With Love and Sunshine


My German neighbour who is staying near my Condominium here in Malaysia, asked me to mind his property while he visited his family. So as the same procedure as every year I take care about his house when he is not my neighbour is 73 year young, he had forgotten to give me all of his keys to open the Iron Grill door which is protecting the main entrance.

So last night when I intended to check his home I faced the situation no key ...mmhh s...., so called him whether he might have somewhere still a key...but unfortunately not a thunderstorm with lighting in the wee hours in the morning caused the safety switch to trip and all power went off and the chicken in freezer start melting ;-)

So I turned with the help of the concentration of “Change of situation “ into a lock smith and yes with a iron wire from a iron cloth hanger I stood in front of the Grill did the aforesaid concentration ..bend the sphere to the maximum and let the light and information beam shoot towards the desired event of releasing the lock from the frame and door opens and Bingo!!!! The grill opens ...could put the house under power again !!!

EDWARD COX - Supervisor and Trainer for the Disabled

I had an amazing time during this course. I'd heard over the years that we have the power to do anything and I agreed with it in principle every time. This course showed me how. I saw great results in very short time within the group and with myself. In this I got to not just see that this statement is true but l also felt it, and know it! The excitement and relief at finally knowing this was very empowering.

The information is simple yet brilliant and fun to learn. For the last 9 months I've not been able to run, ride a bike or put any pressure on my knees when bending down. I was getting frequent treatment on my knees and being told that it'll take a long time to heal and we couldn't do anything about that!!!!

Today, nearly a year after doing the course I can now do then all. The self healing is just one aspect of this course.

I expected this course to be a gem, instead it turned out to be a treasure chest of valuable life changing practical information.

JENNIFER McCORMACK - Business owner of 'New Age Store'

This work initially gave me the opportunity to take time for myself and see where I am in the grand scheme of things. Quite simply the information gained during this time enabled me to come off my antidepressants in three days. After nearly a year of being heavily medicated. It is two months of being drug free. Essentially this experience has given me control of my life.

The self empowerment skills shown to me have been one of my life's greatest gifts. I feel complete again, the fog has lifted and I am able to step into my own power and my own light. The tools and knowledge I have come home with have been implemented into my daily routine. Two months ago I was taking anti depressants, sleeping tablets and anti-anxiety medication. I have replaced all of this medication with a process learnt during my time learning this knowledge. This process takes less than a minute and far outweighs any artificial drug stimulation.

This information showed me another door of options, I chose to walk through it. I choose to take back my life.

Horst- USA

Marion and Brian

Words can hardly express the gratitude I feel for the terrific webinar series - not only because of the great content, but also because you are such wonderful teachers! And I am also sooo grateful for the constant reminder that this is an inner journey, a consciousness journey and that healing will come about as our own consciousness is raised.

Laura - USA

Hello Marion and Brian,

This has been a very very interesting and expansive experience for me. The time has zoomed by. I feel that I have grown my consciousness enormously already. I KNOW this will continue forever as I will continue forever, how exciting!!! much has improved, more awareness, insights and intuition better health as a result of my practice.

Debra - New Zealand

Hi Marion & Brian,

I love this work - the way you guys teach it is brilliant.

Decades ago I lost trust in myself when I pushed way past my limits from using my will in not good ways....Then for many years put my trust in following the guru type person and what a merry dance that was!

The results I'm getting are clear and grounding and I am staying open to what happens as I practice.

Having closed a lot down years ago I feel full to the brim with the exercising of mental and consciousness muscles with these techniques and am grateful to you both for your guidance.

Cecile - USA

Dear Marion and Brian,

The Russian Knowledge technique is astounding and I'm just at the beginning of the process. I am so moved by the idea that "by improving myself, it improves the world." So why not aim for robust health, joy, enlightenment? That's what I would wish for the world at the very least.


Grigori  Petrovich  Grabovoi

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