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E=VS stands for Energy equals Volume of Information times the Speed of your Perception.

It’s the formula for the transformation of the energy of life.


Our mission is to ignite - turn up the light in the hearts of humanity for all who are ready.

To expand the perception of what is possible while providing you with the knowledge and tools to step into your full potential.


Awakening humanity through developing their consciousness by accessing the power of their soul, aligning with the Creator and restoring heaven on Earth.


We are committed to bringing you cutting-edge technologies to assist your development. We welcome you into the E=VS community which offers real support when needed.

Marion Mace
Brian Power

Marion O. Mace is a leading international teacher with over 30 years experience in mind, body, and spirit technologies. In her time as a practitioner she started observing matrices and number codes which led to a burning desire to understand what these meant.

It was after her husband Brian Power overcame a severe health challenge in 2011 with the help of Dr. Grigori Grabovoi teachings, that both knew this was the knowledge to assist with the shift of the collective's consciousness. This Creator Knowledge is a harmonious merging of science and spirituality, laying the foundation enabling each person to discover just how powerful their consciousness truly is. In fact you become the explorers of your inner world while playing with the fabric of time and space using the dynamic elements of creation.

For far too long this knowledge has been kept from us. Life exists through the symmetry of the elements of creation - geometric forms, number code sequences, combined to activate the quantum level that creates life.  As Gregg Braden so aptling puts it, "It's only a miracle till you understand it's a technology."

When people come to this knowledge they seek to understand how to resolve health or life challenges, without realising how their thinking has influenced everything they perceive about their life. What people soon discover is so much more - these creator technologies are the laws of creation that entrain us to  develop a deeper inner connection with your Soul, Spirit, the Creator and the world around you.

"There is one thing Brian and I know to be true when we ask people from all over the world how they discover this information the answer is "I was searching and somehow I came across it."  In truth this Creator Knowledge finds you - you don’t find it.  And when it enters your life you know your Soul is urging you to step into a deeper relationship with yourself, with life. The question is, are you prepared to step up and discover how you've been called to assist with the awakening of the New Earth, the New Consciousness as we welcome the Golden Age and us as divine sparks of the Creator?"

Brian Power has over 30 years of experience trading globally in advanced manufacturing technologies, operating million-dollar businesses, and running sales and marketing teams with offices in Australia, Asia and Japan.

His passion for renewable energy started on a trip to Japan, a country that has long appreciated the presence of life in all aspects of nature. Combining his belief in science, technology and biodiversity, he transcended his multidimensional powers to think big in developing a solution to energy security. He is now on a journey that could have a ripple effect on renewable energy and is the Director of a green hydrogen energy company, Hydrogen Systems Australia.

It has been 12 years since Brian unlocked his journey with Grigori Grabovoi. It began with his fast healing journey using the power of his consciousness to regain good health. Since his recovery, Brian has been actively involved in E=VS as a facilitator and mentor.

Frequently Asked Questions:



  1. Dr Grigori Petrovich Grabovoi's spiritual program and technologies are simple to implement. They provide powerful ways to access the parts of our consciousness that we've never been trained to use.
  2. Everything in our world represents the laws of creation. You find this mirrored in nature in the geometric forms of plants. Following the Fibonacci sequences, everything is a perfect form of creation. You'll learn to tap into specific creator tools such as number code sequences, geometric forms and even colours through the focus of your consciousness, concentrating over a few minutes. The idea is to allow the creative process to reveal itself. This is achieved with your consciousness, where you will access the Creator Information Level.
  3. These simple technologies allow you to train your consciousness to expand and access much more awareness, allowing you to tap into your intuition instead of running from your logical and rational thoughts. You will begin to access higher realms of consciousness where your speed of regenerating, harmonising and creating fast produce results.
  4. Your neural network will start to expand, and the process of turning up the light in your cells and DNA will begin. You will be upgrading to a level where you can regenerate damaged or removed organs. Of course, this all depends on your level of development and the amount of time spent implementing these technologies into your life.
  5. As your consciousness develops, so does your understanding of Creator, Soul, Spirit and Consciousness interacting with the physical body. What is even more magnificent is that through your personal development, you will help restore harmony to our planet Earth and humanity.
  6. You will be provided with a grounded educational program to support your development. You will have access to an extremely high standard of instruction and be supported with manuals, books, audio and video materials. You will have all you need to start your transformation process.
  7. We have developed programs to suit all your learning needs, and you will see all these options under the 'seminar' or 'webinar' areas on our website.
  8. We aim to support you on your spiritual journey using Grigori Grabovoi's teachings. However, we will do our best to push you beyond your self-imposed limitations.
  9. You will discover a new way of BEING that will allow you to catapult from limiting choices and challenges to becoming the master of your life.
  10. We can show you how to transcend your circumstances. You just need to be ready to sweep away any limitations or doubts and engage in the wonder of what could be possible in the next moment leading to a deeper connection with yourself.

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