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How to use the Grigori Grabovoi's Number Codes Sequences.

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How to use Number Code Sequences

If this is your first experience with Grigori Grabovoi number codes sequences, there are 2 things to note:

  1. The numbers are active. They are not beliefs or a type of ritual. We speak of science that harmonises all aspects of our lives, whether in health, psychology, relationships, or business. In short, we use number code sequences in all areas.
  2. The second is to always start with the most simple. Choose something in your life that you want that would not cause anxiety or doubt.

Sometimes the issues we need to heal sit within ourselves. The problems are then projected into the outside world and played out by family, friends, or other events. When we bring ourselves back into harmony, we assist our outer world in becoming harmonious.

You can practice any time of the day, but the most optimal time for concentration exercises, given by Grigori Grabovoi's teachings, is 10 pm. However, as this does not suit everyone, you can perform concentration practices at any other time.


 Below are some ways to use Grigori Grabovoi's Number Sequences:

 Write them in red and place them within 1cm of your skin. A vacuum around the body attracts the information in the number code into your information field/matrix to restore harmony.


1. Write the numbers on tape (e.g. masking tape), paste in a jar with water and drink whenever minding the numbers, preferably related to health.

Other alternatives

Paste the number sequence somewhere visible, such as Ie. on mirrors or bottles.  In financial codes, locate them in the wallet or a business plan.

2. Write the number sequence, notice which number/s are standing out for you, and then concentrate on them until they all look the same. The objective of the numerical sequence should be performed with positive words, such as restore, norm, regenerate, rejuvenate, and harmonise. Remove words like problems, difficulties, diseases, loss, no, etc.

3. Speak the number code 3 times. You can also choose to chant or sing the number code. Say number by number, example: 71042 - Harmonise the present is pronounced (seven, one, zero, four, two). When the sequence has spaces allow a pause in the pronunciation.

4. Imagine the number on the inside wall of a silvery-white sphere. Notice if there are number/s that seem to get your attention or stand out. Concentrate on the number until all the numbers are glowing the same. Doing this has harmonised the negative information causing the disease or

5. Some number codes have spaces. This is because this is where the new information flows. So write the number codes as you see them.

6. You can write the number code in red on the photo of the person you wish to help.


Try some of the suggested ways above. Remember everything is information, so thinking, speaking or writing a number sequence is the first step to transforming what is currently not the norm. Also, be aware of a shift in what you want to see, sense or feel. E.g., felt warm, tingling on the skin, lighter, calmer or clearer. Or you could see a change of colour in your consciousness. Learning to use Grigori's number code sequences take practice.

Here's a testimonial we want to share:

During a recent weekend Transformation Seminar, one of the participant's adult sons was in a difficult situation. Throughout the seminar, we worked with her on harmonising herself. Once she expanded her consciousness and learned to use the healing number codes, there was a massive shift. Her son rang her just before we finished the seminar and said things had to change, and he was ready to start to shift.  


Marion Mace and Brian Power have been facilitating Transformational Seminars, Webinars and mentoring clients using consciousness technologies, including healing number codes, since 2012. You can attend one of the regular E=VS webinars to learn more about number codes or contact Marion for a 1:1 session.

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