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The Consciousness Device of Eternity PRK-1U

May 25, 2023

Up until 4 years ago no one really seriously about the effects of the thinking of the collective consciousness. Since then it's clear that it has been easy to manipulate and control the thinking of most people.  About seven years ago Grigori Grabovoi invented his Device of Eternity PRK-1U which rewires the way our consciousness perceives information. At that time it didn't really strike an impact with most people why this device would be so desperately needed.                                                                         It is important to know and understand that at the present time of humanities transition, such a unique device is truly a gift to humanity at this stage of their development. Do not miss the chance to get acquainted with the technologies of working on the device through the free webinars provided or in our New Earth Academy of Eternity classes.

There are many questions about the device and why now, please consider the answers to the questions on the webinar "The Teaching about God. The evolution of the Soul and Consciousness to ensure eternal life for the physical body" from Grigori Grabovoi - 27.01.2016

Question: «Do you think humanity can develop faster with this device?»

The answer of G.P.Grabovoi: «The device is designed specifically for the development of control over, for example, any events, concentration on developing controlling clairvoyance or concentration on developing controlling forecasting, or the development of concentration for rejuvenation. And, starting with the development of concentration, for example, on the control over any event, there is a certain help to the human Consciousness. And in the future, this assistance is simply for such categories as control number 1, number 2 and 4, - in addition to the development of concentrations on control forecasting, these controls can be linearly implemented; and at the same time, practically in the functions of the device, an increase in potential is provided, an increase in efficiency precisely for control purposes through the use of a device that helps to develop concentration.

For, as I have already said, controlling forecasting, a function is necessarily introduced into the control goal – to further develop the personality structure and abilities so that the device is no longer needed in the future. There may be some time intervals before this prospect - as long as necessary, but such a goal is necessarily laid.

Since a specific person can develop faster due to this type of devices, due to this particular device PRK-1U, then we can still say, with a large distribution of such deviceshumanity, yes, it can, of course, develop faster. In principle, it's not just, apparently, faster: the only question is that it is important that these devices show the possibility of interaction of instrument systems with human Consciousness, with human thinking. And this makes it possible to develop a certain special culture of interaction with instrument systems of such a type that even with the development of cybernetic systems in the future, even greater development, it is possible to guarantee that these cybernetic systems will not harm living beings, including humans, due to the fact that they are directly related to thinking, with human vital activity; and vital activity living organisms for them will be the source of their action.

By inserting into these cybernetic systems a certain element of animation, which we talked about which characterizes the fact that a fraction of the Consciousness of a person or another living being can be implemented to a certain extent in some object of inanimate nature, including an artificially created cybernetic system, the so-called "revival" leads to the fact that these cybernetic systems, even with super-development, they will never harm, for example, a person, because they will be harmonized according to a qualitatively new principle of human interaction, all living beings with the whole surrounding world.

We discussed this principle in the webinar. It consists in the fact that life is transferred from the living to the whole world, to the whole surrounding world. And life in this case is not the subject of only a unique combination of endless previous events, or only an action preceding some one-time creation of life; but it will be included in the vital activity of a specific person, specific people, living beings and, as I said, will allow creating life in objects of inanimate nature. And through such an evolutionary principle, of course, we can say that then no technical system, even with the over-development of this system, will be able to harm the living.

When we considered the super evolutionary area, the area of super evolution, – as we approach it, it becomes understandable, – then using this approach in a subtle version, in a refined version, we can say that any super organized system, including cybernetic, even any super-developed civilization there, it becomes understandable when using the same evolutionary principle of contact, which guarantees eternal life under any conditions and combinations, and systems of development, and at various levels of development.»

The text is compiled and translated into English by Elena Dagunts

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